What Is The Advanced Analysis?

employee evaluation

What It Is

is a breakthrough technology that takes personality assessments to a whole new level. It is the most comprehensive, accurate and reliable method for capturing an individual’s unique character, values, motivations, temperament, interests, aptitudes, and competencies; deep-seated qualities that have proven to be key to successful performance in a given role and culture.

Just as High-Definition television has set a new standard for clarity, the ADVANCED ANALYSIS gives us a new level of clarity and insight into an individual and their suitability to a specific role.

Why it’s Unique

Through extensive research into personality and the diversity of assessment methods, PLM saw that there was no single assessment method that had real comprehensiveness. Available methods were limited by either being too simple (lumping people into categories), or too complex (“losing the forest for the trees”). The AVANCED ANALYSIS is designed to give you the best of both—comprehensiveness with simplicity.


is driven by a sophisticated “interpretive engine” that analyses a large number of micro factors or dispositional elements that work together as a highly integrated system. Instead of forcing an individual to conform to a preset “type” or 4 or 5 factor model, the ADVANCED ANALYSIS constructs psychological attributes at a much more granular level and generates high-definition “portraits” that capture a person’s uniqueness.

It’s able to draw clear and important distinctions that other systems can only make hazily, if at all. It recognizes, for example, critical differences between leadership and management and evaluates multiple facets and types of each. It also clearly distinguishes between such roles as direct sales, account management, business development and marketing.

The result is an extraordinarily accurate and pinpointed assessment that offers comprehensiveness without sacrificing simplicity—a feat that until now could only be accomplished by a skilled assessment psychologist.


“The ultimate throttle on growth for

any great company is not markets or

technology or competition or


It is the one thing above others;

the ability to get and keep enough

of the right people.”
Jim Collins, “Good to Great”
“Even the most unbelieving members of our management team have come to respect and acknowledge the accuracy and validity of the ADVANCED ANALYSIS. We’re impressed!”
Sandy Lindeman, Independent Printing
“We are consistently amazed at the results it produces. Very often the results confirm what was learned during the interview process.”
George Heisel, Metro Ambulence & Home Care Service
“The findings were astounding. In a very short period… an incredibly in-depth profile was established.”
M.T.A.C.L. Job Placement Center
“The accuracy of the PLM Advanced Analysis is uncanny. Having processed over 1500, I can honestly say that there has not been one which I have taken exception with.”
Victor Apa, Victor Apa & Associates
“We have been using PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS for over four years. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in selecting candidates. Its accuracy is phenomenal!”
Jennifer Grams, Adams Rite Manufacturing Co
“The Analysis has been a great asset in helping us evaluate candidates applying for development and other university advancement positions.”
Joseph G. Sandman, Ph. D., Seton Hall University,
“I commend this method to you and also strongly endorse the analytical skills of Peter McQuaig whose even-handed and fair descriptions have “showed the light” to many in our business..”
Michael Watt, Dir. of Marketing, MDI
“Over the years, you have saved this company hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly when it comes to hiring talented salespeople.”
Paul Gordon, J.B. Hanauer & Company