The Value of Psychological Assessments

personality assessment

Psychological assessments are useful for hiring, managing, motivating, re-structuring, promoting, coaching, training, counseling, and on-going development. Some of the key benefits include:

    • Objectivity – Interviewing and reference checking are at best subjective. An effective assessment tool is often the only objective information you can rely on.
    • Clarity – An effective assessment tool can help you see what you might otherwise miss and help you do so before it’s too late.
    • Insight – An effective assessment tool can tap into deep-seated and normally difficult to access attributes of people; helping recruiters and managers to know what they should be looking for and focusing on.
  • Confirmation – An effective assessment tool can help confirm or challenge good and bad attributes that you may have sensed but were unable to fully identify.

Four Facets of Assessment:

Personality and Behaviour

Education and Training

  • motivation & interests

  • credentials & skills

  • (surface of) experience

  • knowledge

Temperament and Aptitude

Character and Maturity

  • disposition & self-motivation

  • attitudes & values

  • (depth of) experience

  • understanding

We derive input on the left-side facets of a candidate mostly from psychological assessment, input from the right-side mostly from interviewing and references.

The higher on the continuum, the more superficial and changeable is the facet; the lower on the continuum, the more deep-seated and unchangeable.

Most hiring mistakes are made by ineffective assessment at the lower end. Since the high end is more extrinsic /manifest and easy to assess, the low end more intrinsic and difficult to access, there is a tendency to base hiring decisions— and all “people decisions”—mostly on upper end, superficial input.

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Joseph G. Sandman, Ph. D., Seton Hall University,
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It is the one thing above others;

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