“The accuracy of the PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS is uncanny. Having processed over 1500, I can honestly say that there has not been one which I have taken exception with.”

I’d like to personally thank you for your assistance in helping me with the interpretation for the PLM results. In career planning, the goal is to ensure that the interests, skills and temperament of the individual match as closely as possible the responsibilities of the targeted position and the culture of the targeted firm. This is obviously not always as simple as it seems. The PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS takes the guesswork out of the analysis. It is the most reliable indicator for temperament. I am greatly indebted to PLM and the ADVANCED ANALYSIS.”

Victor Apa, Victor Apa & Associates

“We have been using PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS for over four years. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in selecting candidates. Its accuracy is phenomenal! I recall one situation when the ADVANCED ANALYSIS said everything but ‘don’t hire.’ Despite the results, we hired the man. He was here a short time before we had to let him go. The appraisal’s words “demanding, difficult to satisfy and difficult to live with” came back to haunt us. I would recommend the ADVANCED ANALYSIS to anyone involved in the selection process.”

Jennifer Grams, Manager of Human Resources,  Adams Rite Manufacturing Co.

“We are extremely pleased with the PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS. We are consistently amazed at the results it produces. Very often the results confirm what was learned during the interview process. It has helped us in making some tough hiring decisions. We also use the ADVANCED ANALYSIS as a basis for counseling new hires… capitalizing on the individual’s strengths and establishing goals to deal with the weaknesses.

Lastly and very importantly, we are very satisfied with the service you provide. You are always willing to discuss the results and the recommendation for hiring. Your response is almost always immediate and obviously very helpful.“

George Heisel, Metro Ambulance & Home Care Service

“Over the years that we have worked together, you have saved this company hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly when it comes to hiring talented salespeople.”

Paul Gordon, J.B. Hanauer & Company, Parispanny, NJ

“When I was promoted to my first management job in 1983, I was charged with the task of hiring 6 professional fund-raisers within a 3-month period as we were launching a $300 million capital campaign. A friend who owned a communications company recommended the PLM Analysis, and I’ve been using it when hiring department heads and fund-raisers ever since. The Analysis has been a great asset in helping us evaluate candidates applying for development and other university advancement positions. It has helped us determine whether a particular individual’s attributes are the right fit for the position we hope to fill. I highly recommend the Analysis to managers and HR directors involved in hiring professional staff.”

Joseph G. Sandman, Ph. D., Vice-President for University Advancement, Seton Hall University, South Orange, N.J.

“We have come to rely on the PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS as an accurate tool for use in selection and training. The information provided has been amazingly on target, as our managers will attest. The potential candidates with whom we have reviewed interpretations and with whom we have worked, have observed the interpretations to be factual and helpful in their development.

Even the most unbelieving members of our management team have come to respect and acknowledge the accuracy and validity of the ADVANCED ANALYSIS. We’re impressed!”

Sandy Lindeman, Independent Printing

“The findings were astonishing. In a very short period… an incredibly in-depth profile was established. The profile was able to highlight areas of success and difficulty that long-term follow-up had not been able to grasp. Today, more than ever, employers are very selective in their choice of new employees. Employees seeking long-term or new career paths also need to invest their time, energy and money carefully. This tool would be a major asset for both.”

M.T.A.C.L. Job Placement Center

“I am astounded with the results of the testing you have sent us.”

Jack Carter, Executone

“When we went into the program our objectives were two: a) hire more qualified salespeople and b) reduce our turnover in the sales department. Without question, both objectives have been met and we believe it has been, in great part, due to our use of the PLM Analysis.”

Roy L. Ward, Exec Vice-President, Resthaven Cultural Centre

“The PLM Analysis is an excellent tool and I would say it is about 90% accurate in identifying people who can sell, supervise and manage. It gives us insight into people which previously was not available and it helps me to guide, counsel and motivate.”

Keith G. Howard, Branch Manager, Sun Life Assurance Co

“It is a pleasure to recommend the PLM Analysis without reservation. We have done more than 50 on people in all areas of the automobile business. In every case, we have found the results to accurately reflect what we already knew about each of these employees.

Much more importantly, though, was the new information about the person’s temperament and suitability for a certain kind of work. In most cases we were looking for salespeople. In many instances we were testing managers or would-be managers. The PLM Analysis gave us hard information that can be used to evaluate a candidate. It showed us the unseen areas that are the key to successful sales and management. Often revealed were undiscovered qualities that the person did not know they possessed.

I commend this method to you and also strongly endorse the analytical skills of Peter McQuaig whose even-handed and fair descriptions have “showed the light” to many in our business.”

Michael Watt, Dir. of Marketing, MDI

“We would like to commend you on the accuracy of the Analysis. During our three years of use of your system there has been no case, to our knowledge, of an inaccuracy.

We appreciate your organizing results into a clear strengths, weaknesses, and conclusions presentation, so that desired personal qualities can be easily recognized.

We consider the PLM Analysis to be an indispensable tool in our hiring and advancement programs.”

Fred E. Bryant, Vice-President – Field Services, Magnetic Analysis Corp.

“By the way, having worked with various instruments over the past 30 years, this is the only one I have ever developed real confidence in the ability to produce information about people tht has deep credibility and can (positively) influence people to change things that can improve the overall quality and impact of their lives.”

Jeff Davidson, Career Transition Consultant

“Just want to say that I’ve really appreciated and valued what you’ve done for us, Peter. You’ve been mainstay to our success, because everything you’ve done for us has helped us with the cornerstone of our counseling, which is the career management side, the assessment side, the job fit side.

You brought clarity, exceptional products and insightful direction which enabled us to go forward with a meaningful tailored focused strategy. What you’ve accomplished is nothing short of spectacular. I haven’t seen anything out there as good as what you do, so I need to say thank you for that.”

Victor Apa , Victor Apa & Associates

“We have used the Advanced Analysis for about 5 years, and have found it effective as part of our hiring procedure.”

Joe DeMille, Dir. of Business Development, Westin Diplomat

“I must say, quite honestly, that no other tool I have come across matches yours for its thoroughness, sound analysis and comprehensive reports, and (most importantly) accuracy. When I read mine (a few times since receiving it!!), I was very impressed with how spot on it is. Having completed a few of these types of assessments over the years in corporate roles, this is the best. I quite like the Myers Briggs as well but it doesn’t go as deep as this one.”

headline htype=”h4″] Linda Allan, Consultant[[/headline]

“Frances Denney Inc. has used the PLM Analysis exclusively as a tool in hiring our sales staff on a regular basis. We have also used it in counseling current employees concerning their career growth. The Analysis has been more than accurate in appraising those who complete it. By knowing in advance the weaknesses and strengths of our people, we have been much more successful in foreseeing problem areas.”

Debbie Mikulak, Human Resource Director, Frances Denney Inc.

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