PLM Inc.

the advanced analysis

PLM International specializes in the evaluation and assessment of people at all levels and functions of all types. For over 30 years, PLM has been helping organizations make important “people decisions.”

We believe that organizational success is ultimately dependent upon getting the “right people in the right roles.” Given the staggering costs associated with getting it wrong, we believe progressive organizations need to follow disciplined hiring and development processes using the best objective tools available.

Recognizing the inherent limitations of traditional assessment tools, PLM spent almost two decades developing the ADVANCED ANALYSIS™. The depth, breadth and accuracy of the PLM System will take your assessment of people to a whole new level.

The PLM System is powered by a new technology and a pioneering approach to conceptualizing people and how they relate to different roles and environments. This breakthrough in understanding people greatly increases your ability to spot opportunities as well as pitfalls—and to make the best “people decisions” possible.