How Will You Benefit?

employee evaluation
The superior depth and clarity of the ADVANCED ANALYSIS will increase your confidence in making critical “people decisions.” It will help you identify opportunities and avoid costly mistakes.

  • Top quality; highly comprehensive and accurate yet fast and affordable
  • One report reflecting the whole person and effective for multiple applications; selecting, coaching, counselling, developing, promoting, succession planning
  • The capacity to assess senior executives and the leaders of tomorrow
  • No technical interpretation required
  • No certification or expensive training required
  • Not susceptible to “fixing”
  • Easy to use for you and the person being assessed
  • On-going support and guidance, we are always there to help

The ADVANCED ANALYSIS is not encumbered by many of the limitations of other systems.

Operating at a much more granular level, it is able to make important distinctions that other methods cannot make or at best make only hazily. It can evaluate, for example, whether someone has the ability to be good at one type of selling versus another, whether he or she will be better in one type of management role versus another, better in certain environments and cultures versus others. It draws clear distinctions between leadership and management, business development and management, selling and marketing etc. It can differentiate very clearly, for example, between a potentially competent manager and an inspiring leader.

Because of its depth and breadth of analysis, it can reveal aspects of an individual unseen by traditional methods. These unanticipated aspects can prove very relevant.

Since it constructs “from the ground up” and is not founded on separate factor scales, it can identify combinations and nuances of attributes that the simple tools cannot, because of limitations inherent to their simple models. Many combinations of attributes could only be framed as inconsistent, even contradictory, by simpler methods.

The ADVANCED ANALYSIS demonstrates with its efficacy, that people are surprisingly unique. They do not conform all that well to the mould of this or that model or theory. It is very common, for example, for someone to be both very sociable and very analytical, yet the most celebrated of assessment methods, DISC suggests it is strictly a matter of either /or. You are either relatively sociable or relatively analytical, but in absolute terms you can neither be high on both nor low on both. On the other hand, the rich variety of “people configurations” we encounter proves otherwise.

Unlike other complex methods (that draw on a large number of factors or concepts without having the simplifying capacity of systematic interrelatedness), the ADVANCED ANALYSIS can draw on concepts from well-known methods such as DISC, Myers-Briggs, and True Colors. Only the new technology of the ADVANCED ANALYSIS allows us to draw on the rich variety of concepts from disparate methods without engendering incongruity and unclarity as an unintended by-product. The ANALYSIS allows us to consider, integrate and employ these disparate concepts in a way that enhances accuracy and clarity.

In part because of its comprehensiveness, the ADVANCED ANALYSIS is not susceptible to “fixing” (referring to a candidate’s attempt to inflate or deflate his or her responses).

In a nutshell, the ADVANCED ANALYSIS, unlike any other system, gets underneath the personality and temperament, motivations and values, core competencies and aptitudes of your candidate in order to help you determine if he or she is not just fairly good or good—but great.


“We are consistently amazed at the results it produces. Very often the results confirm what was learned during the interview process.”
George Heisel, Metro Ambulence & Home Care Service
“The accuracy of the PLM Advanced Analysis is uncanny. Having processed over 1500, I can honestly say that there has not been one which I have taken exception with.”
Victor Apa, Victor Apa & Associates
“The findings were astounding. In a very short period… an incredibly in-depth profile was established.”
M.T.A.C.L. Job Placement Center
“Over the years, you have saved this company hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly when it comes to hiring talented salespeople.”
Paul Gordon, J.B. Hanauer & Company
“We have been using PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS for over four years. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in selecting candidates. Its accuracy is phenomenal!”
Jennifer Grams, Adams Rite Manufacturing Co
“The ultimate throttle on growth for

any great company is not markets or

technology or competition or


It is the one thing above others;

the ability to get and keep enough

of the right people.”
Jim Collins, “Good to Great”
“I commend this method to you and also strongly endorse the analytical skills of Peter McQuaig whose even-handed and fair descriptions have “showed the light” to many in our business..”
Michael Watt, Dir. of Marketing, MDI
“The Analysis has been a great asset in helping us evaluate candidates applying for development and other university advancement positions.”
Joseph G. Sandman, Ph. D., Seton Hall University,
“Even the most unbelieving members of our management team have come to respect and acknowledge the accuracy and validity of the ADVANCED ANALYSIS. We’re impressed!”
Sandy Lindeman, Independent Printing