Company History

the advanced analysis

PLM was founded over 20 years ago by Peter McQuaig. As a human resources / assessment consultant, Peter was bothered by the fact that a number of very good personality schemas and methods seemed altogether disparate and unrelated. Each method was illuminating in and of itself, yet unable to account for aspects of personality captured by another method. Furthermore, the psychologist drawing on a number of methods had to contend with redundancy and inconsistency—the perplexity of conceptual incongruity. He or she could not appraise the person as a coherent, seamless whole, but only as an assemblage of disparate “parts”. (In the end, the psychologist may make the appraisal coherent, but it is in fact a patchwork, requiring considerable agility and effort on his or her part to stitch together.)

Peter set himself the formidable task of getting to the bottom of this problem, and reconstructing personality “from the ground up”. The idea was not to discount existing methods /concepts, but to incorporate them in one universal reference frame, where they could be accounted for all-at-once, where their intrinsic interrelatedness could provide the basis for a “full picture”. Personality would then be viewed as an integral whole, within which concepts formerly considered disparate could be seen to fit congruently and precisely.

The new approach would be at once the simplest and the most comprehensive. It would be simple in the sense of elemental, yet comprehensive in allowing for elaborate constructions of elemental “building blocks”, not unlike the way the words and sentences of language are composed of letters of the alphabet.

Some 20 years later, McQuaig’s original vision came to fruition through the development of a new technology which draws on universally related constructs of personality. Today the ADVANCED ANALYSIS (C) stands alone as the most sophisticated assessment method in the marketplace.