Beyond DISC & MBTI – Case Studies

employee evaluation

To demonstrate why the added insight provided by the ADVANCED ANALYSIS (C) is so valuable, let’s look at some real-life case studies of individuals profiled using DISC and the (C).

Don Galva

is a strong generalist according to DISC (D=73, S=51, R=24, C=20). He has the profile of a natural executive. He is generally weak as a manager, however, and does not even particularly want responsibility for the work of others. The (C) accounted for both sides of this coin, evaluating him as a strong generalist who has below average management orientation and ability. On the other hand, he is good at selling tangibles and could be good as a sales and marketing executive in a small company.

Natalie Hahn

is a specialist according to DISC (D-30, S=36, R=55, C=47). She has the profile of a great accountant or administrative support person. At the same time, not true-to-form as a specialist, she is a creative individual who does not work well in a structured environment. The (C) appraises her as a specialist (of a kind) who is independent-minded in the sense of being self-directed, having well above average disposition and ability to run her own small business. She is also, of course, co-operative and well-liked by others. She now runs a small art supply business successfully out of her home.

Barbara Davy

has a balanced profile according to DISC (D-40, S-38, R-45, C=45). She could be good in a variety of staff or support roles. At the same time as the (C) finds her fairly balanced and versatile, it suggests she is strongly disposed to the role of a counselor, which she acknowledges is something she has been curious about exploring for years. All too often people seem naturally drawn to her for “counseling”, she says.

Bob Everett

has a small specialist profile with respect to DISC (D=36, S=30, R=53, C=49). He is good as a specialist and several years ago was a human resources specialist in the area of contracts and compensation. At the same time, the (C) describes him, as a “no-nonsense“ supervisor and front-line manager. While not a natural, motivational-type leader, he is unmistakably strong as a quiet, authoritative leader. And this rests not on his expertise as a specialist as DISC suggests, but on his organizational and management ability. “He is on top of everything in this department (of 8) and sets the tone for the high productivity we’ve had year after year,” offered one subordinate.

Susanne Ritchie

is a very strong generalist with respect to D,S,R,C (D=81, S=56, R=19, C=12). She has the profile of a top, direct salesperson, manager or executive. She has proven very good as a marketing manager. The (C) recognizes her strong generalist traits, her above average management ability, and her orientation to marketing, but indicates she is not oriented to direct sales. While achievement-focused and highly goal-directed in the long-range strategic sense, she is not tenacious or particularly competitive, nor good at standing up to resistance from others (as a salesperson). She tried sales in the past and did not do well, and feels she has now found her niche in marketing. Her (C) indicates she is good with numbers and in written as well as verbal communication.


“The findings were astounding. In a very short period… an incredibly in-depth profile was established.”
M.T.A.C.L. Job Placement Center
“We are consistently amazed at the results it produces. Very often the results confirm what was learned during the interview process.”
George Heisel, Metro Ambulence & Home Care Service
“The ultimate throttle on growth for

any great company is not markets or

technology or competition or


It is the one thing above others;

the ability to get and keep enough

of the right people.”
Jim Collins, “Good to Great”
“I commend this method to you and also strongly endorse the analytical skills of Peter McQuaig whose even-handed and fair descriptions have “showed the light” to many in our business..”
Michael Watt, Dir. of Marketing, MDI
“Over the years, you have saved this company hundreds of thousands of dollars, particularly when it comes to hiring talented salespeople.”
Paul Gordon, J.B. Hanauer & Company
“The accuracy of the PLM Advanced Analysis is uncanny. Having processed over 1500, I can honestly say that there has not been one which I have taken exception with.”
Victor Apa, Victor Apa & Associates
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Sandy Lindeman, Independent Printing
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Joseph G. Sandman, Ph. D., Seton Hall University,
“We have been using PLM ADVANCED ANALYSIS for over four years. It has proven to be an invaluable tool in selecting candidates. Its accuracy is phenomenal!”
Jennifer Grams, Adams Rite Manufacturing Co